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LINEAR POWER™ was started by the husband/wife team of Peter and Ruth Werback in 1975 in the gold country of northern California. With $16.00 worth of parts in his shoebox, Peter started building amplifiers for his friends in his spare time. Peter and Ruth decided to quit their full-time jobs, and start Schmegg Electronics. Being dedicated to high end home electronics, they built a company dedicated to bringing that sound to 12 volt high quality automotive electronics. Schmegg Electronics later changed names to Linear Power, Inc.

Model 2120. Manufactured in 1984. MSRP was $699.95

35 years, and dozens of award winning product lines later, LINEAR POWER™ products remain superior to other brands. Using only the best components, the latest technology, and the best Electronics Engineers ensures that these amplifiers stand above and beyond any others on the market.

LINEAR POWER™ supplied amplifiers to the world's number one theme park, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, the U.S. Military, and other well known names.

To dispell some myths and rumors: Blues Car Audio™ and Linear Power, Inc. were never involved with Stillwater Designs, Inc. or Kicker.
Most of us (seriously) have worked for Steve Irby at one point in our careers.
We all cherish how he treated us like family. But, the companies have never been intwined.


Since 1975, LINEAR POWER™ car audio products have been designed and manufactured in the gold country of Northern California. We have never sacrificed performance for cosmetic considerations.

Wimp transistors used in cheap crap amplifiers        Powerful transistors used in High Quality Audio

If you were an electronics engineer you could look inside LINEAR POWER™ products and instantly recognize that LINEAR POWER™ is made different and better than any other brand on the market. Only the finest components available were used. The most obvious difference is the output transistors. In the full size amplifiers, you find the T0-3 Transistor. They are expensive and they are the best, period. In the smaller amplifiers, you find the T0-218 case transistor, pound for pound the best device you can buy.

Most of the competitors use the small T0-220 transistor, Even in their most expensive products. Transistors are to your amplifier what an engine is to your car. Small engines make weak cars, and small transistors make weak amplifiers. Superior headroom, power, clarity, durability, are hallmarks of the LINEAR POWER™ experience.


Way back in 1998, Digitalfuzz was contracted to design the LINEAR POWER™ website. Ruth wanted something really special and in January 1999, the site went live with demo vehicles, specs on the current product line and a bevy of information for LINEAR POWER™ fanatics the world over.

Somewhere around August 2004, through a series of unfortunate events, LINEAR POWER™ amplifiers were no longer manufactured.

Fast Forward to 2005... Digitalfuzz helps T.I.P.S. put up Repair and Contact information on the website to perpetuate the LINEAR POWER™ love we all share.

Now in 2006, Digitalfuzz and Linear Power, Inc. are in complete control, ensuring that there will ALWAYS be a solid link between your beloved amplifiers the resources to keep them hitting hard!

2007 and 2008 were years of forward progress. A favorable filing with the USPTO to keep the name and logos in the family. Formal reincorporation in Mississippi. Finally the converstations that spawned a rebirth for Blues and Linear Power.

2009 saw the first testing and prototypes of the new Blues drivers. A lot of whispering at contests about who was using old and who was using new. Trophies answered those whispers.

2010 was our year to shout "We're here for your trophies; give them to us! Show after show, trophy after trophy, win after win; Blues Car Audio and Linear Power, Inc. had stepped into the ring to box.

The result? Dealers, competitors, and consumers listened. Demand is high for component sets and subs. Dealers sign on knowing we want to do business they way THEY want to do business.


2010 also saw the return of Jeri Mccord to Linear Power, Inc. Jeri is one of the most revered names in the car audio industry and we are excited to have him back.
Jeri has already finished the first working prototypes of the new line of Linear Power amplifiers. They are the culmination of decades in design and repair experience.

2011 sees a caravan of Linear Power employees and supports drive from Mississippi to Las Vegas in three days. Now the hard work starts.

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