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*Update* We are now starting to ship brand new Linear Power amplifiers to select dealers. For more information see the Linear Power home page for more information.

Both the LP2150 and LP2250 are production units and are shipping. A lot of changes have been made to them since their prototype phase. These changes have been mostly protection circuits and improvements to make manufacturing easier. They still sound as good or better than their prototypes.

You can still buy refurbished and modified amplifiers as they are available. Contact us at:

You can also buy Blues Car Audio speakers.

LINEAR POWER™ Products For Sale
(Images shown are the ACTUAL product for sale)
Please don't steal our images!

All equipment we sell is in excellent to mint condition, cosmetically and electrically, and also meets or exceeds all original factory specifications. All equipment is tested and certified to work and meet these specifications, before leaving our facility. We are the International Service Center for all LINEAR POWER™ products and have been their sole service company for over 20 years.

All products that we sell come with a 90 day minimum warranty, this warranty includes parts and workmanship, but excludes abuse (cosmetic or electrical) this includes liquid damage, misuse (IMPROPER IMPEDANCE, 4 ohms bridged is minimum on any Linear product other than a 1001SW), LOW/HIGH SUPPLY VOLTAGE (11.8v-14.4v acceptable), tampering, unauthorized repairs, unauthorized modifications.

We have temporarily removed our refurbished equipment for sale page. We are working on a new site and the for sale page isn't being updated often enough. Please email us for available equipment:

Shipping is calculated according to your location at the time of the purchase and will be shipped UPS ground andfully insured, unless otherwise specified.
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Payment can be made by major credit card over the phone, or electronically through Paypal. Other accepted forms of paymentare cashiers/bank check or money order, but you will have a postal delay. Personal or business checks are accepted but youare subject to a possible 15-day delay in processing and clearing of the check once the check arrives to us.

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